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MakeTracks Manufacturing Inventory Control System
Latest version with many new features including user passwords with 3 access levels, inventory transfers, user assigned or automatically assigned serial numbers, a Quick Index for rapid screen access and expanded character lengths for purchase order numbers and more!
MakeTracks Version 5.13
MakeTracks is a complete, no-nonsense manufacturing inventory control program to MAKE your products and TRACK your inventory. It is ideal for small to medium size companies, even those with personnel having little or no computer expertise (e.g., a detailed on-line HELP is provided for each data entry field by clicking the mouse on its identity label, negating the need for references to the User Manual or complex Help screens found in some Windows programs). A main menu Quick Index provides rapid topic selection and user screen access.
The program was developed by people with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing electrical and mechanical assemblies, not programmers creating intricate, sometimes unnecessary, procedures. Does your facility need savings and automation that augment your present accounting system for managing production? Then MakeTracks is for you!
1)  Runs in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP with networking for any number of computers at a given manufacturing site at no additional cost. Provides user passwords for 3 levels of security.
2) Inventory control with tracking of parts on hand, parts on allocation, parts on order, and restocking level specification. Provides comprehensive reporting, simple entry and posting procedures for parts with selectable bar coding options, and user-assigned names for storage bin labels. Subassemblies and products are also included as parts for integrated product assemblies.
3) Products manufactured from the parts inventory (using simple BOM-type entry for parts) with automatic purchase order and work order assignments for subassemblies construction and serial number assignment. Detailed product reports and product manufacturing histories. Also provides for labor and indirect costs in the manufacturing process. Products can be stored as parts for monitoring and maintaining product levels using identical procedures as for parts.
4) Product jobs for manufacture (updates the inventory) or trial jobs (for quotations, etc.) with automatic generation of vendor purchase orders (P.O.'s) and requests for quotation (RFQ's). Work order reports for your production staff with storage for future reference under user-assigned job file names [See sample Job Entry Screen ]. New job assembly tree screen for displaying product/subassembly fabrication sequences.
5) Employee hourly labor posting for each job included in job cost summaries and employee histories.
6) Vendors supplying your parts with prices (up to two vendors/part) and vendor reports and purchasing histories.
7) Customers to whom you sell your products with customer order tracking, and customer reports and product order histories.
8)   Performs data import and export for Microsoft's Excel - import and export of customers, vendors, inventory and products; and, QuickBooks - import of customers and vendors.
9) Versatile utilities for bar code entries, reporting, printing storage bin labels, performing database searches, data file back-up, etc. All reports can be saved to a text file for importing into your favorite word processor (Word, Word Perfect, etc.) for generating custom reports.
Contact us to discuss your application and we will provide a fully functional MakeTracks Demo (Ver. 5.13) for your evaluation.
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