USB to Analog & Isolated Digital I/O Board

TheMSI-NC980  is a multiple IO extension board for USB to IO that can be accessed by different PCs or any host computer over USB or wireless connections. NC-980 is designed for PC-104 form factor, connecting to a PC/host computer through a USB port. It is a plug & Play Extension Board for usersí application, easily integrated into usersí system. Provides 8 isolated digital inputs, 8 isolated digital outputs (SSRs) and 8 analog inputs. An optional wireless interface provides for intelligent wireless connection management, Auto RF power control, and Auto-Frequency Calibration for a long-range wireless communication. An oboard 32-bit controller handles wireless communication with high efficiency with excellent power management. The board can to connect to host/PC through USB, RS-232 or RS485. aUSBTerm is a terminal software through USB port that gives input commands to control the NC-980 device. Software API is also available for constructing custom application software.

NC-980ís Digital I/O terminals are fully isolated and suitable for industrial environments requiring safety and reliability.


  MSI-NC980 - USB to Analog & Isolated Digital I/O
  MSI-NC980-RF -  USB to Analog & Isolated Digital I/O  w/Wireless


MSI-NC980 Data Sheet (Adobe Acrobat Format)

MSI-NC980 User Manual (Adobe Acrobat Format)

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