PC/104 Analog Input/Output

The MSI-P450 series is a low cost, high performance analog I/O board providing four 12-bit analog input channels and up to four 16-bit analog output channels. The board is designed for use with all PC/104 embedded systems.  Eight models provide from 1 to 4 analog outputs with or without 4 analog inputs. Analog input channels are each selectable for 0-5V or 0-10V with a maximum non-linearity of ±1 LSB. Each analog output channel is selectable for 0-10V,  ±5V or ±10V with  a maximum non-linearity of ±6 LSB. The card operates from a single +5V supply.

The card employs an ADS7842 for A/D inputs and up to four DAC7741 for D/A outputs. Potentiometers are provided for adjustment of the offset and gain of each analog output. Single 10-pin connectors provide for the analog inputs and the analog outputs.

The card is I/O mapped using 16-bit addressing to select the input channels and device status. Option jumpers are provided for specifying the card base addresses A4 thru A9, A14 and A15.    I/O reads and writes are 16 bits in length for efficient software sequences for acquiring data.

The card is supplied with a User Manual containing detailed hardware descriptions with schematic diagrams and a sample 'C' program example.

Operates -45°C to 85°C. Requires +5V.


Data Sheet (Adobe Acrobat Format)

MSI-P450 User Manual (Adobe Acrobat Format)

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