MSI-P455 PC/104 8-Channel SPDT Relay Output Board

The MSI-P455 
is an 8-channel relay board designed for industrial control type applications. The relays are SPDT which can be set or reset directly by I/O write instructions. Power-on resets each relay in the NO (normally open) condition. Each relay is rated at 1.5A @ 125 VAC or VDC. The NO, NC and Common contacts of each relay are provided by a 50-pin connector. A LED, adjacent to each relay, gives indication of relay state. Breakdown voltages from coil-to-contact and contact-to-contact are 1500 Vrms and 1000 Vrms, repectively. Requires +5V @ 300mA max.


Data Sheet (Adobe Acrobat Format)

MSI-P455 User Manual (Adobe Acrobat Format)


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